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קול קורא // למאמרים: כתב העת האירופי לתרבות אמריקאית (אנגלית); דדליין=פתוח

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European Journal of American Culture (Journal)

The European Journal of American Culture (EJAC) is an academic, peer-reviewed journal for scholars, academics and students from many disciplines with a common involvement in the interdisciplinary study of America and American culture, drawing on a variety of approaches and encompassing the whole evolution of the country.

In addition to the staple fare of the journal (scholarly articles and book reviews) we want to broaden the focus of the journal to include wide-ranging reviews of American cinema, music, art and other cultural forms. We also want to include spaces for comment and reply so that developments in American culture can be highlighted and discussed as they are happening rather than retrospectively.

Unsurprisingly our aim is academic excellence (and all our articles are refereed), but what we also seek is relevance and readership. We want articles that are credible in terms of the research assessment exercise but we also want to build a journal that undergraduates, postgraduates and academics from a range of disciplines find truly useful and interesting.

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