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קול קורא // לכנס: ייצוג דיגיטלי ומחקר באמנות, מדעי הרוח והתרבות [הונג קונג 11/20] דדליין=1.7.20

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International Conference on Digital Representation and Research in Art, Humanities and Culture

With the advent of digital technologies and their applications, the humanities disciplines that are traditionally text based have been reconceived in newer relations and newer modes of representation. Such new representations make it possible to probe the hidden connections behind large sets of data and reconfigure them in temporal and spatial dimensions that are unnoticed before. The use of digital technologies also helps uncover the visual and interactive nature of the hidden connections. Put simply, it is the digital database that has demonstrated its power in uncovering new relations and in presenting new images.

The revolutions digital representations have brought about are not limited to new modes of representation, they also are capable of showing new connections in relations. All such changes demand new research methodologies that look at data beyond texts. When text representation is replaced by images and when connections are supplemented by database generated relations, what will be the role of critical interpretations? What will remain to be done in close reading? New research methodologies in digital humanities have posed questions that challenge not only data management, data curation, text encoding and extraction, but also new conceptions of critical interpretation. How are these problems handled in Asia, Australia, Europe and North America?

Submissions of individual papers and panels are welcome but not limited to the following topics:

(1)    Digital Art, Image and Visualization of Culture

(2)    Digital Archives and Museums

(3)    Digitization and Simulation in Spatial History

(4)    Literature in Digitized Forms

(5)    Problems of Representation in Digitization of Humanities

(6)    Humanistic Education in the Digital Age

(7)    Human Language in the Digital Age

(8)    Human Subjectivity in the Digital Age

(9)    Digital Humanities in Asia

(10) Social Media in the Digital Age

(11) Performing Arts in the Digital Age

(12) Gamification in Culture and Education

(13) Digital Culture and Interactive Games

(14) Intermedia Art and Digital Performance

(15) Digital Database, Data Curation and Image Analysis

(16) Digital Humanities in the Greater China Region

(17) Digital Humanities in the Publishing Industry

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