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קול קורא // למאמרים: מוזיקה, תרבות ודיאלוג (אנגלית) דדליין=1.10.20

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Culture and Dialogue

Culture and Dialogue provides a forum for researchers from philosophy as well as other disciplines who study cultural formations dialogically, through comparative analysis, or within the tradition of hermeneutics. For each issue, the Journal seeks to bring manuscripts together with a common denominator. Our first 2021 issue (Vol. 9.1) will focus on the theme of Music, Culture and Dialogue

This Issue welcomes contributions from any areas of interdisciplinary philosophy of music, which include:
• Music as dialogue, its role and significance as intercultural experience
• Comparative philosophy of music, which may analyse one or more particular cultural perspectives (Eastern, African, Western, Indian etc.)
• Philosophical reflection on modes of understanding the nature of music (anthropological, social, religious, political, psychological, scientific etc.)
• Inquiry into the cultural dimensions of music from across the traditions of interpretive and analytic philosophies

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