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הזדמנות // משרה: מרצה בכיר/ה לאפיסטמולוגיה ותיאוריה של המדע [פרייבורג] דדליין=31.3.20

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Full Professorship (W3) for Epistemology and Theory of Science

The University expects an excellent international academic record in (Historical) Epistemology, Philosophy of Science and/or Theory of Science. More specifically, candidates should demonstrate, in research and teaching, a historical and comparative perspective on epistemology and methodology, and on the societal and cultural conditions and implications of knowledge and science (understood in the broad sense of “Wissenschaft”).

The University of Freiburg has successfully established the interdisciplinary four-year “Liberal Arts and Sciences” (LAS) Bachelor Program for a total of 320 students within the institutional framework of University College Freiburg (UCF). The development of a research program in the area of epistemology and theory of science is at the discretion of the position holder. Interdisciplinary research profiles that link to one of the LAS Majors and to empirical research fields at the University will be favored (e.g. Environmental Sciences, Life Sciences, Economics). Research cooperations between the humanities and natural sciences could, for example, contribute to fields such as “Environmental Humanities” or “Medical Humanities” or to research consortia such as the Clusters of Excellence. Particularly desirable are research interests that resonate with the STS professorship at UCF and support the existing cooperation with the Freiburg Institute of Advanced Studies. A research focus that considers interdisciplinarity (e.g. understandings of models, experiments, observations, concepts, representations, instruments, or methods that cross disciplinary boundaries) and/or a broad approach towards “Reflections on Science and Knowledge” are welcome.

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