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קול קורא // לפרקים לספר: אמנות וככלכלה (אנגלית) דדליין לתקצירים 11.3.20

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Call for Book Chapters: Volume on Art and Economy

The Contemporary Art Market has undergone big transformations since the economic crisis of 2008. Less art is sold but at a higher price. Main revenues are concentrated in a smaller number of agents being an economy in which a few. The proposed book aims to perform an analysis from a liberal perspective to the current dynamics of the art market. Designed for a non-specialized public but with an interest in art and its market, the book will serve as a theoretical justification for the current dynamics of the Art market, often criticized. The author's profile sought is multidisciplinary: philosophers, sociologists, economists, and art historians.

Possible chapters, although not limited to them, would include: the market as a place of manifestation of preferences without coercion, the human being as a discerning animal (understanding discrimination as a manifestation of preferences through an informed judgment) or how a good economic situation contributes to the increase of creative activities.

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