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קול קורא // למאמרים: פילוסופיה, (תיאוריה של) אמנות וספרות (אנגלית) דדליין=22.3.20

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Philosophy, Art(theory), and Literature

The 2020/1 issue of Labyrinth is focused on the subject of “Philosophy, Art(theory), and Literature”. From special interest for this issue are papers on the following topics:

·        Esthetical and ethical values in philosophy and the arts

·        Phenomenological, hermeneutic, analytic, feminist, and deconstructivist approaches to art and literature

·        Receptions of philosophical ideas in literature, painting, photography, theatre, film etc.

·        Philosophical theories of art (aesthetics), art history, and art theory: specific differences and interrelations

·        Philosophical ideas and art critique: interconnections and conflicts

·        Art creation, crafting and esthetical perception/values

·        Philosophical language and art language(s)

·        Imagination, creativity and metaphors in philosophy and the arts

·        Gender representations in the arts and art theory

·        New media art as a challenge to epistemology and aesthetics

Other topics are also welcome.

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