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Curation and Conservation: Dress and Textiles in Museums

Call for Papers

Turin, Italy

Submission Deadline: 1 December 2020

Curation and Conservation: Dress and Textiles in Museums

The Association of Dress Historians is proud to announce a joint partnership for next year’s International Conference of Dress Historians.

On 21–22 October 2021 our annual International Conference of Dress Historians will be held for the first time in Turin, Italy, at the Conservation and Restoration Center (CCR) “La Venaria Reale” (https://www.centrorestaurovenaria.it), one of the most important Italian institutes for higher education, research, and conservation of cultural heritage. This special conference will be conducted in English and Italian.

The title and theme of this conference is:

Curation and Conservation: Dress and Textiles in Museums

To focus on dress display in museums and all the conservation practices involved, this international conference will explore academic research into four branches:

Branch 1:

Conservation: Planning and Intervention Problems

This branch will include case studies with particular complexities linked to the state of conservation of an artefact, innovative solutions for restoration intervention, preventive conservation, and storage practices.

Branch 2:

Conservation: Applied Studies and Diagnostic Analyses

This branch will include the study of the material and technique of clothing making, scientific analysis, and applied research projects.

Branch 3:

Museum Displays: Organisation and Exhibition Curation between Past and Present

This branch will include programmatic choices of museum exhibitions, exhibition projects, and enhancement of textile and fashion collections.

Branch 4:

Museum Displays: Exhibition Practices and Museography

This branch will include exhibition practices and innovative techniques for complex and three–dimensional artefacts through examples in collections, standards, and protocols.


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