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קול קורא // לסדנה: שימוש באגו דוקומנטים במחקר ההסטוריה היהודית - כנס מספר 2 (חיים שפרבר) [עכו, מקוון 05/21] דדליין=14.1.20

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Call for papers: The Usage of Ego-documents in Jewish Historical research – 2nd International researchers' workshop, Western Galilee College, 26-27 May 2021.

This is a call for paper for the second workshop on the usage of Ego documents in Jewish historical research.

The first workshop took place in 27-28 May 2019. Papers presented at the workshop can be viewed at: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLwwE-cpauYFFcOiGfzmhMps8oDRDeJGEU

The workshop will deal in the usage of Ego documents by historians. By ego-documents, we refer to letters, diaries, and life stories written by individuals. The workshop will concentrate of Jewish History in the last three centuries, especially the 20th century.

Since early modern hysterography, Ego-documents used to be treated as sources unsuited for historical research. However, in the last decades the human aspect of history became incrementally important. Researching individuals changed the way historians regard Ego-documents. The workshop will concentrate on the methodological issues concerning these documents. We will concentrate on letters, testimonies and life stories (including ethical testaments).

Due to the current Covid-19 circumstance, the workshop will take place virtually, via the ZOOM net. The workshop will include twelve to fifteen presentations.

We invite proposals (up to 500 words) & short CVs.Please send proposal & CV to Dr. Haim Sperber, Head of Department, Multi-disciplinary Studies: haims@edu.wgalil.ac.il
Please send your proposal by 14 January 2021 the latest.

You will get reminders 10 ,5 ,2 days before the event
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