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קול קורא // לכנס: נשים ופוליטיקה בעולם הגלובלי [איסטנבול 4/20] דדליין=20.1.20

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2nd International Congress on “Women and Politics in a Global World” will be organized in Istanbul during April 17-18, 2020 by Altinbas University Research Center on Gender and Women Studies (AU-TOKAMER), Altinbas University Faculty of Economics, Administrative and Social Sciences (AU-IISF), Association for Support of Women Candidates (KA.DER), Socialist International Women’s Unit (SIW) and Woman TV. The Papers will be presented either in Turkish or English. The aim of the Congress is to undertake interdisciplinary and international comparisons of studies, viewpoints and discussions of the two main subject matters “Politics” and “Woman” by scientists and researchers who will participate from various different locations of Turkey and the world. During this International Congress the place and significance of women within the spheres of family, law, science, art, politics, culture and socio-economy throughout the ages will be assessed in context of interdisciplinary studies involving women in throughout Turkey and the world. The International Congress which will bring together academicians, researchers and NGO volunteers partaking in the organization is expected to contribute to the production of scientific information as well as to make way for new viewpoints. Abstracts should be composed to reveal the topic of the research, its scope, the references used and its contribution to science. The first congress was held in 2015 in Istanbul and was very successful with the presentation of over 130 papers. The proceedings’ book of the first congress can be downloaded and examined from google scholar. Subjects headings planned to be presented in the Congress have been given below. Different topics can also be offered in the condition it is compatible with the general framework of the Congress. Subject Headings:

  • Women in Power and Decision-making
  • Women and Non-Institutional Politics (Feminist movements, NGOs)
  • Women and Employment (Equal pay, rights)
  • Women’s Rights and Global Agreements (CEDAW, Pekin Declaration, Istanbul Convention)
  • Education of Girls and Training of Woman
  • Women and Migration
  • Women and Health
  • Women and Media
  • Women and Art
  • Women and Justice
  • Violence Against Women
  • Domestic Violence (Women’s, children’s and men’s rights)

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