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קול קורא // לכנס: פשיזמים חדשים והתנגדויות חדשות - מסלולים ופרספקטיבות בתרבות הנוכחית [ברגמו 04/21] דדליין=15.12.20

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New fascisms and new Resistances Paths and perspectives in contemporary culture

Over the last decade, the term “fascism” has returned to populate the debates and discourses of contemporary society in a disruptive way in different forms and modalities: from the extreme right drift that unites the political identity of many states in the world, to the re-enactment of the totalitarian party ideology of the 1930s and 1940s in various and worrying news episodes, through the use of violent and aggressive rhetoric in public discourse. If, for Umberto Eco, the fascist tendency represents “a synecdoche, a pars pro toto denominationfor different totalitarian movements “, it is also clear that the pages of the newspapers now make us aware every day of a reality that is too often cruel and discriminatory, where it is increasingly necessary to remember that” [] freedom and liberation are a task that never ends ” (Eco 1997).

In relation to the relevance of these issues, a conference is proposed with the aim of investigating the issue in question through a transdisciplinary perspective and with the use of different methodologies and critical approaches capable of deepening the complexity and delicacy of the phenomenon. to which the university institution must be conceived as a privileged place to reinvigorate the civic, ethical and moral sense. The assignment of the doctoral title ad honoris causa in Transcultural Humanistic Studies at the University of Bergamo to Sen. Liliana Segre further highlights the importance of encouraging studies around the proposed topic, considering the tireless educational activity of the Senator against any form of discrimination. The conference is aimed at PhD students, postgraduates and researchers of all national and international affiliations. We are interested in receiving proposals regarding the following research topics, to be understood however as suggestions and non-exclusive research paths:

– Political rhetoric and social media;
– Far right movements in contemporary politics;
– Notion of “fascism / s”, “new fascism / s”, “Resistance / s”, “new Resistance / s”;
– Relationship between “fascism / s”, “new fascism / s”, “Resistance / e”, “new / e Resistance / e”;
– Dialogue between past and present on the theme of fascism / Resistance.
– Fascist ideology and violence in the contemporary world;
– Eco-fascisms;
– Tools to contrast new extremist drifts in the globalized society.



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