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קול קורא // למאמרים (אסופה): פרספקטיבות מיקרו-היסטוריות על היסטוריה משולבת של השואה [אנגלית] דדליין לתקצירים=30.9.20

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Call for Papers: New Edited Volume: Micro-Historical Perspectives on an Integrated  History of the Holocaust

Call for Papers: New Edited Volume: Micro-Historical Perspectives on an Integrated 
History of the Holocaust
We are pleased to announce a Call for Papers for an interdisciplinary edited volume on new approaches to an integrated history of the Holocaust. Our edited volume aims to approach to Holocaust history in a way that combines macro analysis  
with micro studies of individual actions and responses. We seek to combine these perspectives in order to uncover connections that might not be so easily seen with a more traditional, singular approach. We invite submissions which utilise textual, sociological, historical, and cultural topics,focusing on the period between 1933-1945. We are interested in proposals that tackle one specific artefact, photo, document, or historical event, which allows for an inside  perspective into the lives of victims, perpetrators, or bystanders, and thereby may challenge our traditional understanding of the macro historical aspects of the Holocaust.Though each submission should have its own relevant research questions, one shared,underlying question might be: To what extent can your research topic be linked to a key theme in Holocaust research? One example of the translation of conceptual links between a micro-historical element and the macro-historical level could be: The Holocaust as a spatial phenomenon which could – for instance – be carried out by analyzing and micro-historically viewing a historical map of the ghetto in Czestochowa. Alternatively, one could approach the forensic turn in Holocaust research – for example – a study could be carried out by analysing material traces as a shoe worn on the death marches.
This interdisciplinary and transnational volume aims to include a variety of key themes such as:
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