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קול קורא // לכנס: הכנס השנתי של האגודה הדרומית למדעי היהדות [לאס וגאס 03/21] דדליין=15.11.20

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25th Western Jewish Studies Association Conference

Call for Papers

25th Western Jewish Studies Association Conference

University of Nevada, Las Vegas

March 14-15, 2021

Note: The Executive Board of the WJSA hopes this can be an in-person conference, but given the uncertainties caused by the coronavirus, we will adjust to whatever conditions prevail in December when proposal submitters are notified about whether their papers have been accepted. If the pandemic is still raging then, we will either transform the conference into a hybrid forum with options to present in-person or remotely or into a virtual conference done remotely.

Call for paper and panel proposals on all areas of Jewish Studies regardless of discipline, geographical focus, or time period.  The WJSA always devotes some panels to Jews in the American West, pedagogical aspects in Jewish Studies, and contemporary Jewish issues.  Panels devoted to major Jewish anniversaries and birthdays in 2021 are also encouraged.

Paper proposals should be no longer than one double-spaced typed page and should be submitted with a short CV that contains contact information. Organizers of panels should submit a cover sheet with the title of the panel and the titles of each of the papers and contact information for presenters with their paper proposals and brief CVs. All interested scholars of Jewish Studies, including graduate students, are invited to submit proposals for papers and panels. A limited number of modest travel stipends are available for graduate students and overseas scholars presenting at the conference.  Individuals wishing to chair a session should submit their CV.

Note: If you submitted a proposal for the 2020 conference that was accepted, notify us of your willingness to present it at the 2021 conference.

The WJSA confers the Baron Award for the best graduate student paper presented at the conference.  The student will receive $200.

Deadline for submission of proposals is November 15, 2020.


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