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פרסום // ספר: מודל משולש לטיפול בפגיעות של סכסוכים קולקטיביים: פיוס אקטיבי, פיוס פסיבי וריפוי עצמי (רפי נץ-צנגוט) [אנגלית]

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Nets-Zehngut, R. (2018). A three-fold model for addressing the aftermath of collective conflict: Active reconciliation, passive reconciliation and self-healing. Beau Bassin: Lambert Academic Publishing.

(Email rafi.nets@gmail.com if you would like to get a free PDF copy of the book). Intractable conflicts cause severe damage to the involved parties and to their relations. This damage must be properly addressed in order to ameliorate the wellbeing of the rivals and to prevent the re-eruption of conflicts. This book describes the first inclusive model to address this damage, a model that integrates three processes: a) The Active Reconciliation Process (collaboration of rivals on conflict-related issues, e.g., cultural collaborations or mutual revision of history textbooks, in order to actively promote reconciliation); b) the Passive Reconciliation Process (collaboration of rivals on instrumental non-conflict-related issues, e.g., health or economy, reconciliation is passively advanced as a by-product); c) the Self-Healing Process (each rival party heals itself independently). The book theoretically describes these processes in detail and considers their mutual relations. To this end, empirical examples, mostly from the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, as well as other conflicts worldwide, are provided. 

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