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קול קורא // לכנס: שאלות כלכליות חדשות [מקוון 11/20] דדליין=15.8.20

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YSI VIRTUAL PLENARY 2020 New Economic Questions

The world is in crisis and we need to respond with new economic thinking. We can’t meet in person this year, but we also can’t afford to wait. So we’re taking the YSI Plenary online. We hope you will join us for the YSI Virtual Plenary on 6-15 November, 2020.

It won’t be anything like a regular conference, or a series of Zoom calls. We’re going to reimagine what a plenary can be, and we will push the envelope on online academic collaboration.

So, forget the confines of classroom walls, and picture a virtual sea of possibilities! Each working group will prepare their virtual ship to escape the doldrums of old economics and sail off into the horizon. A virtual lighthouse will help you find the way. Constellations of questions will guide our path. And, of course, there will be a party island to hang out with friends!




The YSI Africa Working Group identifies key economic issues for Africa and the continent’s economic development. How do we overcome colonial legacies, weak institutions, high inequality, and bring the continent into the future? View our Call for Papers & Abstracts here.

Behavior and Society

The YSI Behavior and Society Working Group explores the relationship between individual behavior and institutional and socio-economic structures in order to broaden the scope of economics. We draw upon insights from psychology, sociology, neuroscience, and philosophy, as well as behavioral and experimental economics. View our Call for Papers & Abstracts here

Complexity Economics

Economies and societies are complex and evolving systems. The YSI Complexity Economics Working Group explores the dynamics, networks, interactions, and heterogeneity within the ever evolving system. View our Call for Papers & Abstracts here



The YSI Cooperatives Working Group aims to bring together researchers interested in cooperatives from a wide range of disciplinary and regional backgrounds. We want to get scholars interested in cooperatives and economic cooperation talking to one another, sharing our research, and developing new questions and ideas to better understand economic cooperation. View our Call for Papers & Abstracts here

East Asia

The YSI East Asia Working Group discusses issues regarding economic development in East Asia region including, but not limited to, the Asian capitalism, institutions, policies, financial markets and sustainability. We aim to understand different trajectories of economic growth in the continent, and welcome an interdisciplinary approach. View our Call for Papers & Abstracts here


Economics of Innovation

The YSI Innovation Working Group views innovation as being central to the process of economic development and growth. The Working Group aims to study how economic actors, policies, technology and market conditions interact and evolve over time. View our Call for Papers & Abstracts here

Economic Development

The YSI Economic Development Working Group discusses developmental challenges by studying a range of theoretical and methodological approaches, including Institutional Economics, Post-Keynesian Economics, Austrian Economics, Classical Economics, Marxian Economics, Structuralist Economics, and New-Keynesian Economics. View our Call for Papers & Abstracts here

Economic History

Economic history is a vital tool for understanding economics today, particularly in the aftermath of the Great Recession. The YSI Economic History Working Group studies institutional, narrative, theoretical, and empirical research in macroeconomics, financial, and business history. View our Call for Papers & Abstracts here

Finance, Law, and Economics

Finance, Law, and Economics are inherently interrelated disciplines. The YSI Finance, Law and Economics Working Group brings economists, lawyers and practitioners together to integrate Macroeconomics, Finance and legal studies in order to understand issues of financial stability, financial market reform and the future of the banking and payments systems. View our Call for Papers & Abstracts here

Financial Stability

The YSI Financial Stability Working Group studies novel approaches to monetary economics and bridges the intellectual gap between finance and macroeconomics. Topics of particular interest are the rise of financial globalization, new forms of banking intermediation and payment systems and their implication for the stability of the financial system. View our Call for Papers & Abstracts here

Gender and Economics

Studying the role gender within economic theory is a part of a general project to rethink economics in a different way, either as a revised version of conventional economics, or as a deep critique to the way economics is and has been framed. View our Call for Papers & Abstracts here

History of Economic Thought

The YSI History of Economic Thought Working Group is devoted to disinterring the roots of contemporary economic orthodoxy, exhuming time-honored rival approaches, and imagining possible futures. View our Call for Papers & Abstracts here


The YSI Inequality Working Group explores the philosophical and technical aspects of the link between inequality and economics: What are economists talking about when they talk about inequality? And why is inequality even relevant to economics? View our Call for Papers & Abstracts here

Keynesian Economics

A Keynesian approach to economics supposes that output and employment growth of capitalist economies are constrained by aggregate demand. The YSI Keynesian Working Group provides insightful discussions on how the Keynesian framework can help us to deal with the current depressed state of most economies. View our Call for Papers & Abstracts here

Latin America

The YSI Latin America Working Group studies one of the fastest growing regions of the past decade, but which is currently undergoing great economic turmoil. New approaches are needed to fight inflation, end corruption, and prevent deepening inequality in the Latin American context. View our Call for Papers & Abstracts here

Political Economy of Europe

The YSI Political Economy of Europe Working Group investigates how new economic thinking can contribute to a better understanding of the financial integration between the European economies, how to respond to the Euro Crisis, and ideas to counter the imbalances between the members of the European Union. View our Call for Papers & Abstracts here

Philosophy of Economics

In the YSI Philosophy of Economics Working Group we dare to ask the most fundamental questions in order to understand our roles as economists in a bigger picture. What is the ‘economy’? What is ‘economics’? What is the relationship between our models and reality? What should it be? View our Call for Papers & Abstracts here

States and Markets

The YSI States and Markets Working Group reconsiders the relationship between states and markets, including the idea that the State ‘intervenes’ in the economy, the concept of ‘the state’ and ‘the economy’ as two separate spheres, as well as additional categories such as ‘public’ and ‘private’” View our Call for Papers & Abstracts here

South Asia

The South Asian region presents a study in contrasts. Impressive growth rates contrast endemic hunger and poverty. The relative resilience in face of external crisis contrasts informality and discrimination in labour markets. The YSI South Asia Working Group faces the considerable challenges of the region. View our Call for Papers & Abstracts here


The YSI Sustainability Working Group explores how new economic thinking can contribute to the issues of environmental challenges, such as climate change, pollution, and the management and distribution of finite resources. View our Call for Papers & Abstracts here

Urban and Regional Economics

The YSI Urban and Regional Economics Working Group explores the role of geographical space on economics and development, as well as the role of cities and the emerging importance of the political economy of urbanization. View our Call for Papers & Abstracts here

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