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CFP: Political Warfare and Propaganda in the Digital Age

Marine Corps University Press publishes the Journal of Advanced Military Studies (JAMS, formerly MCU Journal) on topics of concern to the Marine Corps and the Department of Defense through the lens of various disciplines, including international relations, political science, security studies, and political economics.

The Spring 2021 issue of the Journal of Advanced Military Studies will have a broadly construed theme:

Political Warfare and Propaganda in the Digital Age

The editors are seeking articles on topics related to information warfare, cyber warfare, and political warfare, particularly as they pertain to national security, international relations, and new and evolving battlespaces in the digital age.

Articles can cover these topics from along the broad spectrum of contemporary and historical examples of information, disinformation, propaganda, intelligence, cyberwar, and counterintelligence campaigns. This can include government-sanctioned hacking operations and other strategies to influence an adversary’s populace through digital platforms that can reach large audiences.

These topics can include articles on any era or from the perspective of any country but particularly from a perspective of the weaponization of information. Examples from particular wars or conflicts are welcome, such as World War I and II, the Cold War, conflicts in the Middle East, frozen conflicts, and contemporary examples of malicious, state-sponsored hacking and cyber-based counterintelligence/intelligence operations.

The Journal of Advanced Military Studies is a peer-reviewed, scholarly journal, and submissions should be 4,000–10,000 words, footnoted, and formatted according to the Chicago Manual of Style (17th edition). Junior faculty and advanced graduate students are encouraged to submit. Marine Corps University Press is also looking for book reviewers from international studies, political science, and contemporary history fields.


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