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קול קורא // לכנס: הצעות למושבים בכנס השנתי של הארגון האירופי להיסטוריה כפרית [אופסלה 08/21] דדליין=15.9.20

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Rural History 2021

The fifth biennial conference of the European Rural History Organisation (EURHO), Rural History 2021, will take place in Uppsala, Sweden, from Monday 23 August to Thursday 26 August 2021 and it is a great pleasure for us to bid you all welcome to participate at this event. The conference will be jointly organised by the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU) and Uppsala University through the Division of Agrarian History and the Department of Economic History respectively.

The purpose of the Rural History conferences is to promote a dialogue between researchers which aims to stretch over time and space, and to cross disciplinary boundaries. Previous conferences have dealt with such diverse topics as food markets and food security; agricultural landscapes then and now; rural politics; agricultural innovation; plant and animal improvement; garden history; peasant economies; rural culture; poverty and social relations in the countryside; gender and work in agriculture; enclosures, property rights and the commons; rural textile industries; urban agriculture; climate change, environmental pressure and agricultural production; and the agricultural transformation. Our intention for this conference is to maintain this broad approach in studying problems facing the rural society with a focus on new research. In this way the scientific discussions will bring together leading researchers in the field, both established and new researchers, from different subjects and thereby expand our knowledge on both historical and current challenges.

Furthermore, the scientific sessions are supplemented by social events and excursions to historical sites in the surroundings of Uppsala providing opportunities to get to know new acquaintances. We are also proud to announce that two renowned researchers will hold keynote speeches, followed by receptions at each of the two organizing universities. The opportunities for network building and exchange of ideas therefore stretches outside the scientific sessions themselves.


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