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קול קורא // לכנס: מקואופרטיביות לשיתופיות: צורות היסטוריות ועכשוויות של מוסדות של נחלת הכלל [ורשה 11/20] דדליין=31.7.20

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CfP: From Cooperativism to Commoning. Historical and Contemporary Forms of the Institutions of the Common

Call for papers, deadline 31 July 2020

International Conference
University of Warsaw
19—20 November 2020

Cooperation – Economically Organized Democracy

The establishment of the first cooperative organizations was an attempt to realize the ideal of the common good not through top-down state programs or philanthropy of great capital, but the cooperation of those who were exposed to exploitation. The logic of cooperation was inclusive – membership in a cooperative
was determined not by some special property that distinguished its members, but by a need that they shared with others. This is expressed by the words of Romuald Mielczarski – one of the fathers of the Polish cooperative movement: “Cooperation is an economically organized democracy.” Instead, it signified a conscious (in the ethical sense) and independent (in the political sense) mind, one that satisfies its (economic) needs through cooperative work: co-governing consumption and production. The two figures of participation in the social process that are split apart by liberalism, namely the member of the political community and the consumer, or subject of the market game, become one once more.


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University of Warsaw, Warsaw, Poland
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