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הזדמנות // מלגה: לשהות קצרה בספריות וארכיונים עבור מחקרים במדע הדתות [אירופה] דדליין חדש=30.8.20

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Dear colleagues,

We are writing to you from the Johannes Gutenberg-University Mainz where we offer international scholarships in religious studies; one part of the project is in the Jewish Library in Mainz.

We would like to draw your attention to a call for proposals and kindly ask you to spread the call:

The EU funded project “Research Infrastructure on Religious Studies” (ReIReS) offers scholars from any academic discipline the opportunity to spend typically two weeks in one of fourteen outstanding European research centres (libraries and archives) in Bologna, Hamburg, Leuven, Mainz, Paris, and Sofia to carry out their research project in Historical Religious Studies and use the relevant collections for the history of Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Ancient and non-European Religions.

ReIReS grants to users support for travel and accommodation. Users spend usually two weeks at the provider institution with the constant tutorial of experts of the host provider who are specialists in the research field for which access has been requested, and who assist and guide the use and interpretation of the data.

Scholars throughout Europe are invited to apply for a transnational access scholarship to consult each of these special collections and libraries (excluding those belonging to the user country). The call is also open for curators of special collections, who need to enlarge their knowledge in dealing with documents concerning historical religious studies to manage other collections of documents.

Applications are welcome before August 30, 2020. For further information and the application form, see https://reires.eu/call-for-proposals-tasc-and-taad/

Kind regards

Alexandra Nusser


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