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קול קורא // לכנס: חקר השואה בזמן משבר: כנס חוקרי שואה און ליין [מקוון 05/20] דדליין=20.4.20

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To all Holocaust Researchers,

The Covid-19 virus and its implications shook the foundations of academic discourse: conferences, lectures, and workshops have been canceled, and we are all busy teaching, zooming and surviving.
Yet, we still do research or, at least, think about it and are looking forward to resume it. We have a need to keep sharing ideas and learning from the work of our fellows. We have decided to address this need.

The Holocaust Studies Program of Western Galilee College is happy to invite you to attend an international online conference for Holocaust researchers.

The conference will be held on May 5, 2020, in three spaced out sessions on a Zoom platform.

Each session will feature five presenters each speaking 7 min with a follow up discussion. We invite presentations focusing on a source/object or a concept you are working on, or a part of your research you can present in brief – all no longer than 7 min. You are also most welcome to participate without presenting, but you have to register.

The presentations are spaced out due to the work environment at home. We are also planning on a short keynote lecture (to be announced). Sessions are timed to fit transatlantic schedules so that we can have participants from across the globe.

Session no. 1: 14:00-15:30 Israel time, 07:00-08:30 AM East Coast time USA.

Session no. 2: 17:30-19:00 Israel Time, 10:30-12:00 AM East Coast time USA.

Session no. 3: 20:00- 21:00 Israel Time 13:00-14:00 PM East Coast time USA.

We may open another session in case we have enough proposals.

***The conference will be recorded and uploaded to the Holocaust Studies Program website.

We are looking forward to see you all,
Dr. Boaz Cohen, Dr. Daniela Ozacky-Stern, Dr. Roni Mikel-Arieli and the team.

For further questions please email: danielaozacky@gmail.com

To register as a participant and to propose a presentation please fill this form until April 20, 2020:


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