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קול קורא // לסימפוזיון: דפוסים של אי-תפקוד בדמוקרטיות עכשוויות - השלכות על זכויות אדם ומשילות [אוסלו 07-08/20] דדליין=1.5.20

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Written on the Body: Narrative (Re)constructions of Violence(s)

Oslo, 26 July–2 August 2020

The study сircle endeavours to study different patterns of dysfunction in contemporary democracies and in particular the insidious processes which undermine the traditional canons of liberal democracy, notably encapsulated in the rule of law and human rights. Many factors are involved in these insidious processes and the state of the various democracies can be seen as nodal points between different factors that are criss-crossing and thus creating a unique constellation: populism, nationalism, corruption, fear, social isolation, ignorance, poverty, luxury, injustice, rootlessness in its various forms are signs of unbalances within democracies on both the global, national and local levels. Studying this theme, we will put a special emphasis on the situation in the Nordic and Baltic Countries and subsidiarily Eastern Europe. We will do this as a joint venture between the NSU and EHU. With our respective roots in the Nordic area and the Baltics/Belarus, our two institutions will be able to contribute with their particular experiences. We think that the eroding processes in the established democracies of the Nordic area and those accompanying the democracy building in the Baltic/Eastern European area can illuminate each other. Provocatively, one might wonder whether they are not converging toward some kind of illiberal democracy.

CFP for the summer session:

  • Opening Focus: The Elite-People Gap
  • Populism and democracy
  • Globalization and democracy
  • The Digital Revolution and democracy
  • Security And Democracy
  • Democratic Deficit in the EU and Global Governance


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Rønningen folkehøgskole, Myrerskogveien, Oslo, Norway
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