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קול קורא // לכנס: הכנס השנתי של רשת-שיח - "התארגנות-מחדש גלובלית" [טיומן 10/20] דדליין=1.5.20

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25th DiscourseNet Conference on Global Dispositives

25th DiscourseNet Conference on Global Dispositives (November 12-15 2020) deals with the processes of social change that are discursively driven and supported by technological infrastructures and new cultural, economic and political relations. In the context of globalization, they affect transformations in all social domains  – from economy to culture, including media and education, (digital) technology, industry and environment, politics and governance. 

Global Dispositives can be recognised in popular examples of social change. First of all, the global political and economic projects, i.e. the discourses evolving around the Belt and Road Initiative, new infrastructural development of the Arctic region, Eurasian Economic Union but also on small-scale and in semi-official or informal organisations such as the Three Seas Initiative, Visegrad Group or countries within the mini-Schengen integration project. Secondly, global dispositives can be tied to discourses of technology, security and warfare. Examples are not only projects such as the Internet itself (or rather the entire World Wide Web), but also discourses bound up to its structural changes like the implementation of 5G internet technology, balkanization of the internet, various concepts of IoT or surveillance etc. And finally, the discourses tied to the consequences of various kinds of transitions such as the transforming regulations of global migration (based on causes such as war or environment), an emerging post-liberal global trade system based on nationalism(s), global political upheavals and new struggles over postnational identities (especially among youth cultures). The DN25 on Global Dispositifs aims to attract researchers who explore (inter)cultural, economic, technological and political processes of global change on various levels, from a range of disciplinary perspectives in the broad field of discourse studies.

Hosted by the Cultural Trends Lab, situated at the Institute of Social Sciences and Humanities of Tyumen State University in Siberia (Russia) and organised in cooperation with China Media Observatory (Lugano, Switzerland) and the School of Government and Public Affairs (Beijing, China), this conference endeavors to devote … READ MORE

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Tyumen State University, улица Володарского, Tyumen, Russia
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