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הזדמנות // משרה: מרצה - אתיקה יישומית [וינה] דדליין=30.5.20

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University Assistant (post doc) at the Department of Philosophy

The advertised position is located at the Department of Philosophy which is part of the Faculty of Philosophy and Education. The Department of Philosophy at the University of Vienna is large in international comparison and its members are active within a considerable variety of research areas. The department furthermore offers a range of courses reflecting the breadth of the fields of philosophy while upholding the highest standards within each specialized subject area. Special focus is placed on gaining insight and developing competences in order to contribute to the discussion of current philosophical problems. This intention to acknowledge new philosophical developments and tasks is reflected in a number of co-operations and research fields of the department.

Your research focuses on practical philosophy, didactics of philosophy / ethics and teacher training? You are interested in questions of practical philosophy as well as in questions of philosophy and ethical-didactics? You are able to deal with current social developments from a philosophical point of view and present them to an interested general audience? You are willing to co-administer the study modules of the “Ethics for Teachers and Professionals” master’s degree, to get involved in the Centre for Teacher Education at the University of Vienna and to actively help shape the introduction of Ethics as a school subject? Then we look forward to receiving your compelling application.


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University of Vienna, Universitätsring, Vienna, Austria
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