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הזדמנות // מענקים: מטעם החברה להיסטוריה של הטכנולוגיה, לכל רמות המחקר. דדליין=15.4.20

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Melvin Kranzberg Dissertation Fellowship
Awarded annually to a student preparing a dissertation in the history of technology, broadly defined. Deadline for nominations 15 April 2020.

Brooke Hindle Postdoctoral Fellowship
An award in support of a scholar at the beginning of his or her career.
Deadline for nominations 15 April 2020

Sidney Edelstein Prize
Recognizing outstanding scholarly work in the history of technology.
Deadline for nominations 15 April 2020.

Sally Hacker Prize
Established in 1999 to honor exceptional scholarship that reaches beyond the academy toward a broad audience.
Deadline for nominations 15 April 2020.

Samuel Eleazar and Rose Tartakow Levinson Prize
For an original essay in the history of technology that examines technology within the framework of social or intellectual history.
Deadline for nominations 15 April 2020.

Bernard S. Finn IEEE History Prize
For the best article in the history of electrotechnology—power, electronics, telecommunications, and computer science.
Deadline for nominations 15 April 2020.

Dibner Award for Excellence in Museum Exhibits
Recognizing museums and exhibits that interpret the history of technology, industry, and engineering to the general public.
Deadline for nominations 15 April 2020.

Martha Trescott Prize
This is an award for the best published essay in the area of women in technology (even-numbered years), or in the area of social responsibility of engineers in history (odd-numbered years).
The deadline for 2020 nominations is 15 April 2020.


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