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קול קורא // בית ספר קיץ לתלמידי/ות מחקר: אתגרי אוטוריטריות חדשים לדמוקרטיה הליברלית [ליסבון 06/20] דדליין=6.4.20

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New Authoritarian Challenges to Liberal Democracy

22-24 June 2020: Estoril International Debate ‘New Authoritarian Challenges to Liberal Democracy’ | Estoril, Lisbon

Deadline 6 April 2020

Universidade Católica Portuguesa – The Europaeum
Location: Hotel Palácio, Estoril, Portugal


The Institute for Political Studies of the Catholic University of Portugal is hosting its annual major international summer school and conference in Lisbon at the end of June, bringing together policy-makers and academics from the US, UK, Portugal and the rest of Europe.

Key note speakers include Professor José Manuel Barroso, with other speakers to be confirmed.

The motion to be debated will be: Should democracies perceive China as a threat or a partner? This will be in the form of a public Oxford Union-style event led by Europaeum graduate students and will involve four research graduates, each speaking for and against the given proposition, with expert commentators a hand, and a final open vote on the proposition taken. We may also be able accept more participants who do not take part in this debate.


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