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הזדמנות // מלגה: דוקטורט - משפט בינלאומי ציבורי: פילוסופיה ואתיקה של טכנולוגיות בקונטקסט צבאי [האג] דדליין=31.3.20

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PhD in Public International Law with a focus on Law and Technologies in the Military Context

The Asser Institute in The Hague is a research centre for international and European Law. Its mission is to contribute to the development of international and European Law by conducting independent fundamental research, policy-oriented research, and applied legal research, as well as by initiating and facilitating academic and expert meetings, (professional) education, and public events with a view to disseminating knowledge of international and European Law. The Institute is dedicated to building a strong research community and creating an environment that facilitates critical-constructive reflection.

Project and job description

The DILEMA project explores the conditions and modalities that would allow to leverage the potential benefits of AI technologies in the military while abiding by the rule of law and ethical values. An interdisciplinary research team will work in dialogue and together with partners to address the ethical, legal, and technical dimensions of the project. The research team will investigate why it is essential to safeguard human agency over certain functions and activities, where it is most critical to maintain the role of human agents in order to ensure legal compliance and accountability, and how to technically ensure that military technologies are designed and deployed in line with ethical and legal frameworks. More information about the project is available at DILEMA.

Within this project, the Asser Institute invites applications for a PhD researcher with a background in international law, to investigate the international legal framework applicable to military AI technologies. The PhD candidate will deliver an in-depth study (resulting in a doctoral thesis) on compliance with, and accountability for violations of, international law in the development, procurement, and deployment of military AI technologies. The PhD candidate will also work in collaboration with other members of the DILEMA research team, and contribute to developing policy and technical guidance on military AI.

The PhD researcher will join the NWO-MVI funded interdisciplinary research project DILEMA on Designing International Law and Ethics into Military Artificial Intelligence.


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