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פרסום // גיליון כתב עת: ספרות ורב-לשוניות - גיליון חדש לכתב העת "דיבור" (חן בר-יצחק, ורד קרתי שם-טוב) [אנגלית]

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Shemtov, Vered and Chen Bar-Itzhak (eds.). 2019. Literary Multilingualism (special issue), Dibur Literary Journal.

We are excited to announce the publication of "Literary Multilingualism", the seventh issue of Dibur Literary Journal, co-edited by Vered K. Shemtov and Chen Bar-Itzhak. The issue explores multilingual literature from a variety of perspectives, highlighting its creative force and its political, aesthetic and formal aspects.

You can read the new issue online:


Dibur Literary Journal is an open-access, peer-reviewed academic journal based at Stanford University, devoted to the study of Hebrew, Jewish and Comparative Literature. It is part of Stanford's Division of Literatures, Cultures and Languages' Arcade project.


Literary Multilingualism: Representation, Form, Interpretation | Chen Bar-Itzhak

On the Frontier: Eugene Jolas and Multilingual Modernism | Juliette Taylor-Batty

Accent and Silence in Literary Multilingualism: On Postarabic Poetics | Lital Levy

The Hotel as Translation Site: Place and Non-place, Difference and Indifference | Sherry Simon

With the Loss of a Master-Signifier: Modernism and Translation in Lamed Shapiro's American Yiddish Stories | Danny Luzon

Multilingual Anxiety and the Invention of the Hebrew Native: A Reading of a Hebrew Feuilleton by S. Ben Zion | Roni Henig

The Many Lives of Sabina: 'Trashy' Fiction and Multilingualism | Naomi Brenner

Does Literary Translingualism Matter? Reflections on the Translingual and Isolingual Text | Steven G. Kellman

The Ramshackle House: Who Does Arabic Belong to When It Is Present in Literature? Thoughts about Literature, Arabic, and Hebrew | Ronit Matalon

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