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קול קורא // לכנס: אנרגיה מתחדשת ואיכות הסביבה - מימדים חברתיים, פוליטיים וכלכליים [איזמיר 6/20] דדליין=15.2.20

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1st Annual Conference on Mediterranean Studies: Renewable Energy and the Environment

As energy politics remains a contested issue in the Mediterranean Basin, what political ecologies and future environments are emerging in the region? Can cooperation over renewable energies offer potential solutions? What are climate change and justice scenarios for different countries in the Basin? The first annual multidisciplinary conference on Mediterranean Studies is organized to encourage critical reflection around the encounters of overlapping energy and environment crisis in the Mediterranean Basin from economical, political and social perspectives.

Academics and researchers are welcome to submit an abstract (no more than 300 words) to cms@yasar.edu.tr by 15 February 2020. PhD students, research/teaching assistants and master students are also welcome to participate in the conference. Abstracts should include the following information: Title, Full Name, Affiliation, Current Position, CV and keywords. All abstracts will be reviewed within three weeks after the deadline. Abstracts will be published in a booklet with an ISBN number. The conference is open to submissions from any discipline with interests in these themes:


We invite individual paper submissions and panel proposals (with 4 papers) engaging with but not limited to the following themes in relation to the Mediterranean Basin:

  • Economics and Politics of Energy Transition
  • Energy Politics and Economics
  • Social Dimension of Energy Transition
  • Gender and Renewable Energy Transition
  • Politics and Economics of Climate Change
  • Political Ecology
  • Energy Security
  • Energy and Environmental Movements
  • Energy and Environmental Conflicts
  • Environmental Justice
  • Environmental Migration
  • Politics of Resource Use and Waste
  • International and Local Water Politics

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