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פרסום // מאגר מידע: מכון הבחירות הישראלי- פרסום נתונים ראשון- בחירות אפריל 2019 (מיכל שמיר) [אנגלית]

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We are happy to announce the first and partial release of the Israel National Election Study 2019. It includes the study of the 21st Knesset election, which took place on April 9, 2019.

It comprises of a pre and post-election panel, based on a stratified sample of eligible voters in Israel, interviewed by phone before the election (N=1,614 respondents) and immediately thereafter (N=1,307).

The data (as SPSS and STATA files), questionnaires and accompanying materials are available for public use at the INES site https://m.tau.ac.il/~ines/

In 2019, Israel went to the polls twice, and it will do so again on March 2, 2020.

INES covered the 22nd Knesset election, held on September 17, 2019, extending the April panel with two additional waves. The pre-(September) election wave returned to 836 respondents; following the election, the fourth panel wave returned to 783 of these respondents. The four-wave panel data covering the April and September elections will be available after its processing and organization.

The 23rd Knesset election study is now in the final planning stages and will soon be under way. The data will be disseminated through the INES site in due course.

The 2019 INES investigates voting behavior; evaluations of parties, candidates, coalitions, and the events that lead to the second and third elections; perceptions of representation and democracy; efficacy, political knowledge, media consumption; and attitudes on various issues on the national agenda in these three elections.

We thank the Israel Science Foundation for its support for the study, as part of the Center of Excellence “Looking beyond the Crisis of Democracy: Patterns of Representation in Israeli Elections”.


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