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2019 Catharine R. Stimpson Prize for Outstanding Feminist Scholarship

2019 Catharine R. Stimpson Prize for Outstanding Feminist Scholarship

The University of Chicago Press and Signs: Journal of Women in Culture and Society are pleased to announce the competition for the 2019 Catharine R. Stimpson Prize for Outstanding Feminist Scholarship. Named in honor of the founding editor of Signs, the Stimpson Prize is designed to recognize excellence and innovation in the work of emerging feminist scholars.

The Stimpson Prize is awarded biennially to the best paper in an international competition. Leading feminist scholars from around the globe will select the winner. The prizewinning paper will be published in Signs, and the author will be provided an honorarium of $1,000. All papers submitted for the Stimpson Prize will be considered for peer review and possible publication in Signs.

Eligibility: Feminist scholars in the early years of their careers (fewer than seven years since receipt of the terminal degree) are invited to submit papers for the Stimpson Prize. This includes current graduate students. Papers may be on any topic that falls under the broad rubric of interdisciplinary feminist scholarship. Submissions must be no longer than 10,000 words (including notes and references) and must conform to the guidelines for Signs contributors (http://www.journals.uchicago.edu/journals/signs/instruct).

Deadline for Submissions: March 1, 2018.

Please submit papers online at http://signs.edmgr.com. Be sure to indicate submission for consideration for the Catharine Stimpson Prize. The honorarium will be awarded upon publication of the prizewinning article.

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