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פרסום // גיליון כתב עת: אנתרופולוגיה ויזואלית במזרח התיכון (אסתר הרצוג, יעל קציר) [אנגלית]

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Hertzog, Esther, Katzir, Yael (eds.) 2019. Visual anthropology in the Middle East, Anthropology of the Middle East, 14(1).

Abstract: This issue demonstrates the potential and unique contribution of visual anthropology to deepening and expanding anthropological knowledge with historical, artistic, cultural and political perspectives. Describing and analysing historical events, daily social life and the arts, the articles offer original interpretations of human experiences and social processes that are part of the Middle East reality, in the past and present. Some authors suggest striving to establish ethnic, cultural and national identities goes hand in hand with struggles for civilian rights and socio-economic equality. Using illustrations and a feminist analysis, other authors reflect on women’s marginalisation in the arts and in the historiography of this region. The use of visual materials, highlighting similarities among divergent communities, entails an optimistic view about the potential contribution of arts to break through fundamental dividing features.


Introduction: Visual Anthropology in the Middle East

Esther Hertzog and Yael Katzir

The Changing Portrayal of Dancers in Egyptian Films: Three Roles in the Career of Tahia Carioca (1946, 1958 and 1972)

Carolina Bracco

Boundaries and Margins: The Making of the ‘Golden Cage’

Eirini Chrysocheri

Why Draw Flowers? Botanical Art, Nationalism and Women’s Contribution to Israeli Culture

Shahar Marnin-Distelfeld and Edna Gorny

To Be Black and Beautiful in Israel

Efrat Yerday

A Resolute Display: Culture, Life and Intersectional Identity in Israeli Druze Photography

Lindsey Pollum

A Film Never Completed: Representing Social Relations in a Mixing Neighbourhood

Regev Nathansohn

The South Side of Heaven: A Journey along the Iranian Collective Memory in Iran-Iraq War Memorial Sites

Younes Saramifar

Anthropological Perspectives on two Documentary Films about Women in the Middle East

Esther Hertzog


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