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קול קורא // תכנית: ללמוד מירושלים/אל-קודס: קונפליקטים אורבניים והארכיטקטורה של העיר [ירושלים 07-08/19] דדליין=1.7.19

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BEZALEL SUMMER LAB: Learning from Jerusalem / Al-Quds — Urban Conflicts and the Architectures of the City

Learning from Jerusalem is an intensive summer program in urban research and design focused on the city’s unique settings of conflict and negotiation. Through urban design research labs, tours, seminars and workshops with local and international scholars, the lab will advance inter-disciplinary and multi-scalar investigations into the processes and practices, formal and informal, which shape spaces, politics and everyday life in the city. Addressing the city as a laboratory to investigate a highly contested built environment, the Summer Lab offers a platform to develop a sound basis in critical urban theory, geography and urban design strategies and tactics.

The lab is a module within Bezalel’s Master Degree in Urban Design, headed by Prof. Els Verbakel and based at the Hansen House, Jerusalem. It is intended for individuals who have completed an undergraduate program in the fields of architecture, planning, landscape architecture and urban design as well as in the social sciences and urban and political geography, seeking for a cutting-edge inter-disciplinary program.

Dates: Sunday, July 14 – Friday, August 30

For more information please visit our website: http://summer.bezalel.ac.il/

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