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קול קורא // לימודים: בית ספר קיץ לדוקטורנטים בהיסטוריה חברתית וכלכלית [פורטוגל 06/19] דדליין=25.3.19

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Summer School in Economic and Social History

University of Évora, Portugal, 26-29 June 2019

This Summer School offers comprehensive courses on research methods and main themes in Economic and Social History, as well as a framework for paper presentations from PhD students who are starting their theses and already have a chapter or paper to discuss, and post-doctoral researchers with more advanced papers, possibly in the pipeline for publication. Our aim is to put together researchers with different levels of experience. We will have lectures by distinguished scholars in the morning sessions and in the afternoon we will have the paper presentations by researchers. All topics in Economic and Social History of any geographical and chronological coverage are welcome.

Submission – Please send your CV plus a paper or thesis chapter with c. 8,000 words. Submissions should be sent to pedro.lains@ics.ul.pt by 25 March 2019. Notices of acceptance will be sent by 15 April 2019.

Language – Courses and paper presentations will be held in English. Papers written in English, Portuguese, Spanish and French are accepted.

Accommodation and travel expenses – Accommodation and meal expenses for four working days and three nights will be fully covered. Travel expenses will not be covered.

Fee – 100 euros

Venue and social program – The School will be held at Vila Viçosa. We will have a guided tour to the royal palace and estate.


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University of Évora, Largo dos Colegiais, אבורה, פורטוגל
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