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קול קורא // לכנס: היסטוריות, פרקטיקות ומדיניות של מוגבלויות - פרספקטיבות בינלאומיות, השוואתיות ובינתחומיות [קלן 09/19] דדליין=1.2.19

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Histories, Practices and Policies of Disability. International, Comparative and Transdisciplinary Perspectives 8th Annual Conference of ALTER

Researchers are invited to submit abstracts for the 8th Annual ALTER Conference before 01 February 2019. It is possible to submit individual abstracts or suggest organising a session of three presentations focusing on the same theme. We particularly encourage comparative, interdisciplinary and international sessions. Researchers wishing to suggest a session are invited to submit both an individual abstract of their paper and an abstract describing the joint session and its participants. Researchers wishing to suggest a session are invited to submit both an individual abstract of their paper and an abstract describing the joint session and its participants. It is necessary for every member of the session to submit their own individual abstract in addition to a single joint abstract for evaluation and registration purposes. This requires each member to create a sciencesconf account and upload their abstract individually i.e. one author is not allowed to submit an abstract on behalf of a team member.

The programme will be organised according to the following themes. The call for papers may also include any other topic researchers submit through an original topic session proposal.

  • European Disability Histories
  • Disability Movements, Advocacy and Identity Politics in Europe and Beyond
  • The UN Convention, Citizenship and Human Rights
  • Disability and Debates about Inclusive Education
  • Persons with Disabilities in the Labour Market: Present Situations and Future Trends
  • Persons with Disabilities in the Community: between Segregation and Inclusion
  • Gender, Ethnicity, Sexuality and Intersectionality
  • Disability, Migration and the Global South
  • Disability, (Auto-) Biographical Experiences and First Person Perspectives
  • Disability in the Arts and in Culture
  • Disability, the Body and Embodiment
  • Accessibility, Technologies and Materiality
  • Disability Law and Legal Studies
  • Methods in Disability Research


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