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Masculinity and the Third Reich

Volume 51 – Special Issue 3 – September 2018
Latest issue of Central European History


Georg G. Iggers (1926–2017),  Andreas W. Daum


Introduction: Masculinity and the Third Reich, Thomas Kühne

Drinking Rituals, Masculinity, and Mass Murder in Nazi Germany, Edward B. Westermann

Protean Masculinity, Hegemonic Masculinity: Soldiers in the Third Reich, Thomas Kühne

Homosexuality and Comradeship: Destabilizing the Hegemonic Masculine Ideal in Nazi Germany, Jason Crouthamel

Remasculinizing the Shirker: The Jewish Frontkämpfer under Hitler, Michael J. Geheran

“Muscle” Yekkes? Multiple German-Jewish Masculinities in Palestine and Israel after 1933, Patrick Farges

Whining and Winning: Male Narratives of Love, Marriage, and Divorce in the Shadow of the Third Reich, Elissa Mailänder

Commentary: Masculinity and the Racial State, Christopher Dillon



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