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קול קורא // הכנס הבינלאומי הראשון לתרבות פופולרית [סביליה 12/18] דדליין=15.9.18

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We welcome your participation in the 1st International Popular Culture Conference (Universidad de Sevilla, Spain) which will take place in the School of Communication (Av. Américo Vespucio, s/n. 41092-Sevilla) on December 12, 13 and 14, 2018.

What is popular culture? Raymond Williams defined culture as “a way of life” and it is understood in a contemporary popular sense as those sets of communicational expressions that characterize, cohere and differentiate groups and sub-groups in our society. Beyond debates on high and low culture, mass and elite culture, or high/mid/low-brow culture, this conference aims to examine the wide array of practices and phenomena composing popular culture from as many perspectives as possible. Moreover, in this first edition of the conference we would like to celebrate the anniversaries of two works, each of which has left a fundamental imprint on the cultural landscape since it first appeared: Mary W. Shelley’s novel /Frankenstein/; and George A. Romero’s film /The Night of the Living Dead.

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Universidad de Sevilla, the School of Communication, Av. Américo Vespucio, s/n. 41092-Sevilla , Spain
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