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קול קורא // כנס האגודה לעיתונות מקוונת: איומים על העתונות המקוונת [פורטו 11/18] דדליין=15.6.18

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the VI International Conference on Online Journalism - Threats to Online Journalism

22 and 23 November, Faculty of Arts of the University of Porto.

The organization of the VI International Conference on Online Journalism (#6COBCIBER) invites interested researchers to submit, until June 15, proposals for communications to be presented at the Conference. These should preferably address the “Threats to Online Journalism”, a subject on which we leave some topics:

– Fake news;
– Post truth;
– Clickbait;
– Sponsored content;
– End of Internet neutrality;
– Disinformation;
– Immediatism and publication without verification;
– Infotainment;
– Sensationalism;
– Viral content;
– Manipulation;
– Bias;
– Decontamination;
– Self-publishing;
– Amateur publication;
– Anonymity;
– Sedentary lifestyle;
– Multitasking production;
– Disinvestment;
– Disintermediation;
– Deregulation;
– Precariousness;
– Social networks;
– Search engines;
– Aggregators;
– Predation of contents;
– Trafficking in personal data;
– Intrusive advertising;
– Ad blockers;
– Automation;
– Robots.

Proposals, in abstract form, may be written in Portuguese, Spanish, French or English. Each of them should include a description of 400 to 500 words, including, in particular, the topic and relevance of the same, hypothesis or argument, conceptual and methodological framework, expected results and up to five keywords.

Call for papers

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