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קול קורא // הכנס ה-34 של האגודה ללימודי ישראל: ישראל בשנת ה-70, אתגרים והזדמנויות [ברקלי 06/18] דדליין=30.4.18

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The Program Committee of the 34th Annual Conference of the Association for Israel Studies invites scholars conducting research on any aspect of Israel Studies to submit proposals for organized panels and individual papers. Of particular interest are proposals relating to the conference theme: Israel at Seventy: Challenges and Opportunities. The State of Israel marks its seventieth anniversary in 2018.

In its seven decades of independence, Israel has experienced social, political, economic, environmental, cultural, and religious upheavals and transformations, many of which continue to shape and redefine Israel today.  At the same time, Israel remains – through conflicts and peace negotiations from 1948 to the present – at the epicenter of regional and international politics in the Middle East, despite desires to move beyond such entanglements.   The marking of seventy years of Israeli independence calls for a deeper reflection on the social, historical, cultural, and other contexts of the past seven decades, the current historical juncture, and the possible ways forward.  It includes a multifaceted evaluation of the costs and challenges, as well as the gains and the possibilities, as Israel moves into its next decade.  Where has Israel been? Where is it going?  How are such questions explored by historians and literary scholars alike?  These and other issues invite research and scholarship by the multiple disciplines that constitute the arts and humanities, environmental studies, and the social and political sciences.

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