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קול קורא // לכנס: הכנס השנתי של האגודה להיסטוריה עולמית [סן פרנסיסקו 06/24] דדליין=1.1.24

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The 33rd World History Association Annual Meeting

June 27-29, 2024, at San Francisco State University (SFSU) in San Francisco, California.

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World History / Studies

CALL FOR PAPERS Submission Deadline #1: January 1, 2024. The program committee will begin reviewing proposals starting January 1 and send acceptance notifications on a rolling basis. Final submission deadline: February 1

Participants who need acceptance letters to apply for travel funding or visas should plan to meet the January 1 deadline.

The World History Association invites participants to submit proposals for organized panels, papers, roundtables, workshops, innovative sessions, and meet the author sessions for our annual conference to be held at San Francisco State University, June 27-29, 2024, with the theme of ‘Currents,’ broadly conceived. This year, we explore the dynamic flows of ideas, people, politics, and more that shape our interconnected world. We encourage submissions that investigate temporal currents, such as the way certain issues or ideas have flowed through time, and how the past informs the present. Material culture, languages, religions, and traditions between communities and societies are cultural currents that have also left their indelible mark on human history. Economic currents can refer to the ways trade and resources flowed across regions, shaping economies and geopolitics. We also welcome ideas about how ideologies and intellectual movements have spread through time and transcend borders. Social movements such as human rights initiatives, feminism, and physical movements of people in waves of immigration and diasporas have also had far-reaching global consequences. Perhaps some of the largest currents we may consider are those in planetary scale including climate change and the spread of disease.

San Francisco is well suited to explore our theme of ‘Currents’ as a port city known for its rich history as a hub of immigration, exploration, trade, whaling and fishing. It serves as an intersection of East and West cultural exchange, where diverse cultures interact; where intellectual exchange and innovation have become synonymous with the Bay Area. Its iconic bridges – the Bay Bridge and the Golden Gate Bridge – not unlike the work we do as world historians, connect disparate shores, while the cold California current has become part of the city’s identity, bringing with it ‘currents’ of thought, circulating ideas and cultures, which have enriched the world.

The World History Association encourages proposals for sessions and papers presenting original research and pedagogical techniques within the overarching theme of Currents as well as other topics of interest to world historians. We welcome topics involving the widest possible range of geographic locales.

We invite proposals from students, scholars, teachers, and activists around the world that investigate—and extend the boundaries of—the conference’s theme. Proposals may take the form of:


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