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קול קורא // הארכה / לכנס: הכנס השנתי של האגודה הישראלית לחקר האינטגרציה האירופית [אונ ת"א / ת"א 11/23] דדליין חדש=15.10.23

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IASEI Annual Conference


IASEI Annual Conference

‘EU’s domestic and external strategic choices and their relevance for its relations with Israel’

Tel Aviv university
9 November, 2023

The Israeli Association for the Study of European Integration (IASEI) in cooperation with the EU studies program at Tel Aviv University will hold its annual conference at Tel Aviv University on Thursday, 9 November 2023.

Proposals are invited for papers and panels on subjects relating to the EU, European Integration, European politics and security, and Europe-Israel relations. Any contribution to the academic discussion on European Integration is welcome, but academic affiliation is not required.

Our annual conference will take place in a rapidly-changing environment for the EU and its 27 member states, both domestically and externally. Climate change, for instance, is becoming central to the preoccupations of their citizens. So does the sudden emergence of disruptive technologies, such as A.I.

Externally, one issue is making a strong comeback, namely migration pressure at the EU borders. And the on-going war between the Ukraine and Russia is attracting simultaneously the attention of all the political establishment in the EU. Another concern for the EU is the rising popularity among parts of the public of illiberal views and solutions for the future. On all these matters, Europe must make strategic choices and decide. In some cases, it has done so already; in others they are still to be made. Obviously, much of what has or is being decided at the EU level will have an influence on EU-Israel relations, in particular in the realm of energy, cybersecurity, arms trade, high tech but also judicial matters and even regime change. IASEI will be happy to receive proposals on all of these themes, as well as other studies of the EU.

We expect the program of the conference to include a keynote speaker and panels engaging policymakers, industry and academic scholars. The event will take place in person, but the audience (not paper presenters) may join via Zoom.

IASEI, the Israeli Association for the Study of European Integration, was established in 1992 as a national forum for research and discussion on the European integration process. IASEI provides a forum for debate and a site for exchange of views and information about the EU and promotes research and networking in this field. It brings together academics from all disciplines and practitioners in Israel who specialize in the EU and the European Integration process.

Submission Guidelines:

Abstracts may be submitted in either English or Hebrew; up to 250 words, font 12, space 1.5. The first line should have the title of the abstract. The second line should have the title and name of the lecturer/s (Ms./Mr./Dr./Prof.), his/her institutional affiliation and his/her email.

Proposed panels must include an abstract explaining the purpose and composition of the panel, as well as a list of proposed panelists.

Deadline: all proposals should be submitted by October 8, 2023 as a word document to: iasei28@gmail.com. Proposals submitted after this date may not be considered.
Announcement regarding the papers will be given by the end of October by email.

Presentation at the conference will be in English only.

Applicants whose proposal was approved for presentation will be required to join IASEI as members and pay membership fees at least one week before the conference. (This can be done electronically here).

Academic Committee:

Prof. Tal Sadeh
Prof. Alfred Tovias
Dr. Ayelet Banai
Dr. Hila Levi


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