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קול קורא // לכנס: הכנס השנתי של האגודה להיסטוריה כלכלית [ניו קאסל 04/24] דדליין=18.9.23

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The Economic History Society Annual Conference 2024

The EHS Annual Conference 2024 will take place at Northumbria University between 5 April – 7 April.

The conference programme committee welcomes paper proposals on all aspects of economic and/or social history covering a wide range of periods and countries, and particularly welcomes papers of an interdisciplinary nature and papers from women and other under-represented groups.  Scholars are not expected to present a paper in more than one session (including as a co-author). Those currently studying for, or who have recently completed, a PhD should submit a proposal to the New Researcher session.

The committee also invites proposals for entire sessions of 1.5-2 hours duration; (no more than 4 papers will be accepted for any one session). The committee prefers sessions that reflect the diversity of the Society and include speakers from more than one university. Please note that the committee reserves the right to determine which papers will be presented in the session if it is accepted. If a session is not accepted, the committee may incorporate one, or more, of the proposed papers into other panels.

To submit a session – please first complete the session proposal form and then instruct the individual authors to submit their paper using the single paper submission procedure.  There will be an option for individual paper presenters to select the session of which their paper is a part.

Paper proposals should be submitted online via the link below. You will be asked to submit:

For single paper submissions

  • The title of the paper proposed.
  • A short abstract of the paper proposed (300-500 words).*
  • Up to four keywords, which can be used to help the conference coordinating committee allocate papers between sessions.
  • Contact details.
  • A brief academic c.v.

* The abstract should explain the background to the paper(s); the questions addressed; the sources and methods employed; and likely conclusions.

For session submissions


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