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קול קורא // לכנס: הקונגרס האירופי לפסיכולוגיה ה-18, בנושא: פסיכולוגיה - לאחד קהילות לעולם בר-קיימא [ברייטון 07/23] דדליין=29.1.23

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The European Congress of Psychology 2023 - Psychology: Uniting Communities for a sustainable world

On behalf of the Scientific Programme Committee, we invite psychologists and experts from related fields to present their work at the 18th European Congress of Psychology: ECP 2023.  We aim to deliver a high quality, engaging event to attract academic, teaching and practitioner psychologists from across the continent of Europe, including the UK, and indeed from the world as a whole.

We are keen to receive submissions that reflect the breadth of our diverse psychological community. From academics, teachers, researchers and practitioners as well as the wider psychological workforce. We also want submissions from undergraduate, postgraduate and early career members to ensure representation at all stages of the career pathway.

We also welcome applications from the following groups of people who are under-represented within psychology:  Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic people; people with disabilities and, people who identify as LGBTQ+.

The theme of ECP 2023 is “Psychology: Uniting Communities for a sustainable world”. While the world has been united in the face of a global pandemic, we have also never been more divided. Issues of inequality driven by poverty, race, gender, climate crisis and many more have been catapulted to the fore, showing how volatile the world can be. This raises questions of how society can come together and make change. As individuals, we are stronger together. When we are united, we have the power to influence and advocate for change.  Psychology can be the driving force to unite and harness the power of community on a global scale. Using psychology, we can address the issues that have been magnified across the world. As one, we can build a fairer and more sustainable world.

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