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פרסום // ספר: קיבעון אידיאולוגי: מתקופת האבן למלחמות התרבות הנוכחיות (עזר גת) [אנגלית]

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Azar Gat, Ideological Fixation: From the Stone Age to Today's Culture Wars (Oxford: Oxford UP, 2022), 339 pp.

Combining insights from evolutionary theory with a
broad sweep through the drama of history, down to
the ideological civil war ripping the United States apart,
the book explores the deeper roots of people’s inability
to accept claims about reality which come from the
opposite ideological camp, no matter how valid they
might be.

A. Groundwork
Chapter 1: What Is True? (Though Never the Whole Truth)
Chapter 2: What Is Right? How Morality Should be Conceived
B. The Classical Ideologies
Chapter 3: Religious Ideological Fixation – Examined by a
Non-Hostile Atheist
Chapter 4: The Major Contenders of Modernity: Liberalism,
Socialism, Fascism
C. Current Debates and Fixations in the Democracies
Chapter 5: The West’s Guilt towards the ‘Rest’
Chapter 6: Nature or Nurture? – Nations and Nationhood
Chapter 7: Nature or Nurture? – Gender and Sexual
Chapter 8: Can anything be Done? Some Very Tentative
Reflections on Current Ideological Battlefields
Chapter 9: Conclusion: Ideological Fixation – Now and Ever


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