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קול קורא // למושב בכנס: אקזיסטנציאלים פוליטי, בכנס הפאן-אירופי ה-15 ללימודים בינלאומיים [אתונה 09/22] דדליין=21.3.22

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15th EISA Pan-European Conference on International Relations

שלום לכולם,

אפוקליפסה עכשיו! לקראת הכנס השנתי האירופי למדע המדינה ויחסים בינלאומיים, אתם מוזמנים לעיין בפרטי "חטיבה" שאני מארגן עם שותפה לכנס EISA-PEC למדע המדינה ויחב"ל שיתקיים באתונה, 1-4 בספטמבר. אנחנו יכולים לשלב 4-5 פאנלים (ייתכן שגם אחד וירטואלי), ונשמח מאוד לקבל כל הצעה שמתאימה לנושא הרחב של אקזיסטנציאליזם פוליטי.

אתם מוזמנים לקרוא עוד על הוועידה ועל החטיבה (S14), ולהגיש הציעות ישירות לאתר, או לפנות אלי תחילה בדואל (ua42@cornell.edu). אין כמו יוון בראשית הסתיו!

שבת שלום ולהשתמע,


Dear colleagues,

Looking forward to sunny days, I am delighted to invite you to propose papers for a section that I am co-chairing with Bahar Rumelili on Political Existentialism at the EISA-PEC conference (1-4 Sept) in Athens.

You can find information about the conference and about our section at : http://pec2022.eisa-net.org/ and S14 in http://pec2022.eisa-net.org/programme/section-list/. The deadline for paper and panel submissions is Mar 21th.

It should be a wonderful opportunity to exchange ideas on anything existential(ist) with excellent scholars, so there’s much fun to be had! I think there might also be a possibility for a virtual panel, so if you’re interested, that’s another option. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to email me: ua42@cornell.edu. Deadline is fast approaching!

Best wishes,



S14 Political Existentialism: Fear, Anxiety and Freedom in the face of the Apocalypse

Section Chairs: Bahar Rumelili & Uriel Abulof

A spectre is haunting humanity—the spectre of a global ruin that is very much of our own doing. The mounting dangers that we face are not only existential in scope -meaning threatening humanity’s existence in totality, but also existential in the sense of putting our very humanness at stake.

To help address and redress these existential problems, theoretically and empirically, this section introduces existentialism to political science, and explores its merits and limitations. We broadly define Political Existentialism (PolEx) as the study of politics which foregrounds the distinct features of our humanness, including the existential anxieties that stem from our living in awareness of our mortality and in search of meaning for our existence.

We seek to explore in this section how these distinct features of humanity condition the responses of individuals, groups, and states to lurking dangers, ranging from climate change and pandemics, through AI and nuclear weapons, to populism and overpopulation. We invite panels that theoretically and empirically assess

whether, why and how existentialism may offer a fresh agenda for political science in general, and IR in particular.

We especially welcome contributions that explore the intersection of political existentialism with critical approaches to security in IR, focusing on the evolving constructions of risk, threat, and danger and the multiplying ontological insecurities in the face of growing existential uncertainties. Additionally, we are interested in contributions that draw on political existentialism to identify new grounds of subjectivity and agency which transcend the ideological impasse of liberalism versus populism.



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