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פרסום // ספר: להבין התנהגות אנושית: משמעות חיים מולדת ונלמדת (סם ש. רקובר) [אנגלית]

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Sam S. Rakover (2021). Understanding human conduct: The innate and acquired meaning of life. 

הספר מפתח מודל של משמעות חיים (מולדת, נרכשת) המסבירה התנהגות אנושית ומתוכחת עם תפיסות פילוסופיות בנושא.

Understanding Human Conduct: The Innate and Acquired Meaning of Life presents a new and provocative model of life-meaning. The Consciousness-Meaning (CM) model is founded on two major assumptions: (a) consciousness is a necessary condition for meaning and understanding, and (b) there are two types of life-meaning, innate and acquired. The latter is divided into ordinary and extreme meanings. The CM model successfully deals with human behavior (e.g., crisis of life and suicide) as well as alternative approaches based on philosophy (e.g., existentialism) and science (e.g., evolution).

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