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קול קורא // לכנס: חשיבה מחודשת על אלכוהול וסמים - טרנספורמציה ופרקטיקה גלובלית בהיסטוריה. הכנס הדו-שנתי של האגודה להיסטוריה של אלכוהול וסמים [מקסיקו סיטי 06/22] דדליין=7.1.22

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Rethinking Alcohol and Drugs: Global Transformations /Local Practices in History - Alcohol and Drugs History Society (ADHS), biennial conference

Mexico City, June 15 -17 2022

The 2022 Alcohol and Drugs History Society is pleased to release its call for papers for its biennial conference.

As jurisdictions around the world begin relaxing regulations on psychoactive substances including cannabis and psychedelics, the consequences of an era of prohibition call out for historical scrutiny. The politics of prohibition have plagued the history of alcohol and drugs, while scholars have examined points of contradiction, friction, resistance, and even opportunities created by restricting some substances and encouraging others. We invite participants to ‘rethink’ this history, drawing inspiration from new sources, methods, and historical actors to deepen our understanding of the historical significance of alcohol and drugs.


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Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, Avenida Universidad, Col, Copilco Universidad, מקסיקו סיטי, מחוז פדרלי, מקסיקו
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