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קול קורא // לכנס: הכנס השנתי של האגודה האמריקאית לספרות השוואתית [טייוואן 06/22] דדליין לסמינרים=30.9.21

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The American Comparative Literature Association's 2022 Annual Meeting

31The American Comparative Literature Association’s 2022 Annual Meeting will take place June 15-18, 2022.

Join us for the 2022 Annual Meeting at National Taiwan Normal University, June 15-18, 2022. This will be a fully in person conference. 

  • Conference Timeline08.15.2021 – 09.30.2021Call for seminar proposals10.01.2021 – 10.31.2021Call for papers

    11.01.2021 – 11.09.2021

    Seminar organizers review paper submissions

    11.10.2021 – 11.24.2021

    ACLA Program committee reviews all seminar submissions

    11.25.2021 – 12.15.2021

    Final decisions sent to all applicants

    January 2022

    Travel Grant winners will be announced

    June 15-18, 2022

    ACLA 2022 Annual Meeting


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National Taiwan Normal University, Taipei City, Taiwan
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