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קול קורא // לכנס: הוגות מודרניות - ההתפתחות האינטלקטואלית של נשים בסוף המאה ה-19 ובמאה ה-20 [דוברובניק 06/22] דדליין=15.1.22

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Call For Papers: Modern Women Thinkers: Intellectual Development of Women in the 20th Century.

International Conference, Inter-University Centre, IUC, Dubrovnik, Croatia 6-8 June 2022

Paper proposals due: 15 January 2022

The goal of the conference is to construct the intellectual history of women and to detect ideological changes in the understanding of the concept of women in the 20th century. The conference intends to explain the intellectual origins of the modern woman in the context of changing social circumstances. It will seek to trace the development of ideas formulated by women in their intellectual endeavours. We are interested in women’s influence and criticism, and their efforts to change or define their social position, with potential focus on Croat, South Slavic/Yugoslav and Central European spaces in the last decades of the 19th to the end of the 20th centuries. This period saw the more active involvement of women in social and public life in efforts to achieve political and legal equality. Interdisciplinary interest will encompass theoretical and practical insights into fields as diverse as history, education, literary theory, anthropology, and philosophy. The conference will reveal the mechanisms of the construction of women’s complex identities (both individual and collective) with reference to their national, religious, gender, class and cultural components. The objective is to understand the life of women during the different political systems of this area over a period of more than a century. We expect contributions to encompass personalities and ideas that changed the understanding of the status of women and to examine the ways and forms of their social organizations and public actions (including women’s organizations and women’s roles as intellectuals).


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