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פרסום // ספר: ללמד את פלסטין באוניברסיטה ישראלית (דפנה גולן-עגנון) [אנגלית]

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Daphna Golan-Agnon, Teaching Palestine on an Israeli University Campus-Unsettling Denial, London;Anthem Press, 2020)

— Raja Shehadeh, writer and lawyer:

“Daphna Golan, an outstanding and valiant teacher, does an extraordinary thing in this book of revealing the officially sanctioned states of denial that shield the students at her university from looking around them. This excellent book will open your mind to the multitudinous levels of denial prevalent in Israeli society and how one courageous professor attempted to challenge them and open the minds of her students to the many lies that shield them from the reality surrounding them.”


גרסה עברית מוקדמת : תקווה בשולי הקמפוס – סטודנטים פלסטינים וישראלים בירושלים

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