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קול קורא // לכנס: כנס המפרץ הערבי הבינלאומי הראשון לבטחון [דובאי, מקוון 06/21] דדליין=11.5.21

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1st International Arabian-Gulf Security Conference

The American University in the Emirates (AUE), organizes the 1st International Arabian-Gulf Security Conference. The conference aims to bring together researchers, practitioners in examining, analyzing and exchanging the latest advances in the fields of security strategy and diplomacy.

Participants will focus on presenting ongoing issues of regional and international concern on and about the Gulf and the MENA region. The conference is an opportunity to capitalize on opportunities to innovate, create and strategize policy recommendations.


  1. Security
  2. Intelligence
  3. Military Operations
  4. Human Resource Management in Security
  5. Logistics
  6. Economics of Warfare
  7. War Situations
  8. Counter-Terrorism
  9. Clandestine Lessons to be Learned From Mandated Operations
  10. Security and Space.
  11. Security and Technology
  12. Hybrid Security Threats
  13. Maritime Security threats
  14. Water Security
  15. Food Security
  16. Natural Resources Security
  17. International Migration


  1. Trade Cooperations
  2. Trade Warfare
  3. Competition in Digital Economies
  4. Circular Economies
  5. The future of Economics in Security and Stability of a Country
  6. Intelligence of Economics
  7. Sovereign funds in Defense
  8. Investments in the Business of Security and Strategy
  9. The Future of Cross-National Cooperation
  10. Economic Fraud and Security
  11. Monetary Cooperation in the Field of Security and Strategy


  1. The Rule of Law
  2. The Rule of Security
  3. Human Rights
  4. Sovereignty of States
  5. International Security
  6. International Organizations
  7. International Cooperation Through Regional Organizations
  8. Setting up International Alliances
  9. Security of the State
  10. Rules of Military Engagement
  11. Unlawful uses of Military Power and Tools of Warfare
  12. The Law of Peace
  13. Rights of Exclusive Economic Zones.


  1. Human Rights
  2. Protection of the Individual in Times of in Peace and Security
  3. Resolution of Conflicts
  4. Methodologies of Approach in Peace
  5. Cases of Resolved Conflicts
  6. The Abraham Accord
  7. Negotiating Peace
  8. Frozen Conflicts
  9. International Peace Centers
  10. Women in Peace
  11. International Organizations in Peace
  12. Covid-19 As tool of Peace and Resolution of Conflict.


  1. Strategic planning
  2. Operation Warfare
  3. Regional and International Alliances
  4. Defense Planning
  5. Geopolitics
  6. Geostrategy
  7. Mapping and Operations
  8. Cryptography in the Field of Strategic Operations
  9. Strategy of International Space
  10. Strategy of Outer-Space
  11. Economic Strategic Affairs
  12. Crisis Management Strategies
  13. International Emergency Crisis Management


  1. Cloud Computing
  2. Genetics and Engineering
  3. Artificial Intelligence
  4. Robotics
  5. Cyber-Security and Security of Infrastructure
  6. Cyber-Intelligence
  7. Risk Assessments
  8. Risk Management and Mitigation in an E-World
  9. Network Centric Operations
  10. Managing Networks
  11. 5G and 6G Communication and Infrastructure
  12. Smart Cities and Defense
  13. Counter-Intelligence in Cyber-Space
  14. Dark Web


  1. Protocol Training
  2. Protocol of Negotiations
  3. The UN and framework of Negotiations
  4. Market Negotiations in Security
  5. Joined Budget Defense Spending
  6. Future Operations and Diplomacy
  7. Soft Power Theories and Practical Applications
  8. Hard Power Theories and Practical Applications
  9. Diplomacy in the Gulf
  10. Leadership
  11. Knowledge Transfer in Diplomacy
  12. Protocol of Communication
  13. Public Relations in Diplomacy and During Operations.


  1. Military Preparedness
  2. Military Industrial Development
  3. Military Capabilities
  4. Military to Military Relations
  5. Military to Civilian Relation
  6. Use of Robotics in Military Affairs
  7. Robotics and Genetics in Military environments
  8. Instability of the International Security Environment
  9. Hybrid threats
  10. Hybrid Alliances in Defense
  11. Space Defense Forces
  12. Defense Industrial Protection
  13. Military Intelligence
  14. Clandestine Operations Lessons to be Learned.


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