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פרסום // מאמר: הרמוניה של פרדוקסים וסתירות: תקשורת בין אדם לאלוהים לפי הגותו של הרמן כהן (טליה אלון-אלטמן) [אנגלית]

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Alon-Altman, Talya. "Harmony of Paradox and Contradiction: Communication between Human Beings and God according to Hermann Cohen’s Jewish Philosophy." Journal of media and religion 19.4 (2020): 165-179.‏

This article examines communication between a human being and God in the Jewish philosophy of the German-Jewish philosopher, Hermann Cohen (1842-1918). It observes Cohen’s Jewish philosophy in light of communication theories, using the theoretical wealth of a relatively new discipline – communication, in order to deepen the philosophical and theological discussion. This new perspective enriches our view of philosophy, theology, and offers a fresh and novel approach to the philosophical and theological study of communication, and media theology in particular.


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